While Ymir is confirmed to have romantic feelings for Krista

After the chapter describing the heroine’s reaction to Riley turning a classmate insane in Awoken was used as a teaser, some readers just. Snapped and seemed to lose a bit of their grip on reality. Were they already mentally unstable? Is her style just so moving and controversial? Was Cthulhu somehow involved? We’ll never know.

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Replica Designer Handbags C. And Urabe. Even so, Ohgi still has feelings for her and opts to sneak off and meet her in the middle of the second season, knowing she is an enemy spy and fully intends to kill him. Chekhov’s Gun: The stun gun in Manufacturing, in both endings along its route. Diana uses it to start up the robots while solving the puzzle, then gives it a meaningful look as they move a bomb later. If Diana decides not to run away, she stuns Sigma and Phi in the prep room, leading to their deaths when the bomb goes off. Replica Designer Handbags

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Attack on Titan has long left the exact nature of the relationship between Krista Lenz and Ymir somewhat ambiguous within the actual series. While Ymir is confirmed to have romantic feelings for Krista, the other girl’s exact feelings have never been clarified. Then the anime adaptation’s producer, George Wada, referred to them as a romantic couple during a convention panel.

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