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Please Wake Up: A heartbreaking non verbal example is done in the film as Joey keeps nudging Topthorn to try and get him back on his feet even after he’s dead. Plucky Comic Relief: A single goose is constantly providing stupid antics during times of great stress, such as when Joey is training to plow and right before he enlists in the army. It even gooses Albert’s father after a particularly stupid blunder.

Vitamins are catagorized into two areas, Water soluable and Fat soluable. When you consume too many water soluable vitamins the body will just excreate what it does not need. The worse thing that can happen is that you are flushing money down the toliet if you over do these vitamins.

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Not to mention that the War’s aftermath would set the stage for the sequel. Black Bead Eyes: On the 3 occasions eyes are seen clearly: Freddie in a flashback to his wedding day, where his wife got killed in a German bombing raid; Victor (Karl’s son), and Freddie’s younger brother. Civilian children have regular, big round eyes.

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